I don’t visit a lot of blog sites, but my favorite bloggers don’t post on a regular, predictable schedule. It makes things fun, I think; it’s almost like a present each time you wander back to their page.

A new post???? Merry Christmas to MEEEEE!!!
A new post???? Merry Christmas to MEEEEE!!!

That’s how I’m choosing to view this blog. I don’t want people to have to spend an entire afternoon catching up on what is going on in our life. The reality is that much of the same thing happens in each location. My opinions haven’t changed about many things and they likely won’t surprise anyone when I express them, so why bother sounding like a broken record?

But the nature of this blog is to keep our friends and family updated, so this post is going to be a very fact-forward. We spent four months in Oregon. As far as location is concerned, Oregon was AWESOME. I have to give it a fair shake and do the whole breakdown of point distribution, but I can tell you right now that, if the job had been more my style, I would have stayed there forever. For the Redditors out there, here is my TL;DR summary (the Reader’s Digest version, if you will). After living in Oregon for only a few months, my closet started to look like an REI catalogue (#win). There’s an excellent brewery in every town. I learned rather quickly that adult oncology is not for me. My sister lived less than 2 hours away and I saw her at least twice a month. That, hands down, was the best part of living in Corvallis.

This is pretty much how we greet each other. Every time.
This is pretty much how we greet each other. Every time.

Food: 9

In Denver, there were amazing restaurants but not a lot of local fare. In Corvallis, it was the opposite. There were a few good restaurants, but there was such an abundance of farm fresh food it made up for it ten-fold.

Produce! Produce everywhere!
Produce! Produce everywhere!

That’s not to say the restaurants were anything to sniff at. For such a small college town, Corvallis boasted some eclectic options, but a lot of the best food was actually at their numerous breweries…which brings us to the next category.

Libations: 10

I mean…it’s Oregon. There’s at least one brewery in every town; usually multiple breweries, actually, especially in Bend (a little slice of heaven). Jason is fond of saying that if you throw a rock in Bend, you will probably hit a brewery. Corvallis wasn’t a slouch with the beer either. Block 15 became our frequent watering hole and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it was the first place we visited when we arrived in Corvallis. Combine that with Two Towns Ciderhouse, which has forever ruined all other hard cider for me, and we were pretty well stocked during our four months.

I'm so happy!!
I’m so happy!!

Outdoors: 9

Oregon is beautiful- from the coast to the mountains. The space, the greenery, the water- did I mention the mountains? There were plenty of places to explore the outdoors in Corvallis, and with Bend only 2 hours away and 1 hour to the coast, there was an abundance of natural beauty. Our first three months were full of sunshine and warm weather. Then October arrived, at which point the sun gave Corvallis the middle finger and was never seen again. That was rough. I never realized how much I don’t want to explore the outdoors when it’s grey, rainy and cold. Admittedly it seems harsh to give it a 9 just because of the rainy weather that it’s known for, but man if it didn’t affect me like crazy.

I'm not even sure what happened.
I’m not even sure what happened.

Transportation: 8

Bike lanes! Bike lanes for all! Getting around Corvallis was a breeze on a bike. The bus system was free, but unreliable. I actually had a bus driver yell at me because I rode my bike to a bus stop to catch up to the bus when he was 5 minutes late at my designated stop. I guess when people don’t pay to use the bus, you don’t have to worry about being a jerk to the people riding.

I'm not sure what I expected
I’m not sure what I expected

Due to the unpredictability of the bus system, transportation got a bit complicated when it got rainy and miserable. In the last month, I drove the car a lot. That being said, Corvallis isn’t a very large city so getting around via bike/foot is very doable, which is no small thing when you share a car.

Job: 5

I want to be very clear- my reasons for not liking my job had nothing to do with my coworkers or my patients. I truly enjoyed being able to have adult conversations and not talk about Bubble Guppies or Paw Patrol. And I certainly found several kindred spirits along the way. I don’t know if my emotional state influenced how I felt about the job, or if it was just the work flow. I do know that I really liked my coworkers, I loved my manager and the doctor was difficult to work with. I also know that I made some fast friends both with patients and coworkers- I’m thankful for that.

Average Score: 8.2

So I’m back at Lucile Packard for the next 3 months (YAY!) and this time we’re living in San Bruno (DOUBLE YAY!!!). More updates to follow. Hopefully sooner than this last break. Perhaps.

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