On the road again…and other great road trip songs

We are heading back to North Carolina for the weekend!!

**Commence crazy, ecstatic dancing**
**Commence crazy, ecstatic dancing**



Our dear friend is getting married!! And in case you can’t tell, we are ecstatic- of course we’re excited for him, but really we just can’t wait to get back to Cackalacky country. Partially, our excitement stems from the multitude of delicious restaurants we plan on patronizing on our return (more on that later). Our true joy, however, will be visiting all the wonderful friends we have made out there.

Reunions are the best!!
Reunions are the best!!


But seriously, we know the coolest people in the Triangle area, just sayin’. Need proof? I’m glad you asked.

Flashback to May 2015. After eight years of calling North Carolina home, we have decided to hit the open road for adventure. We asked some of our friends to make mixed CDs for us to listen to (and drowned out the sound of Tobi’s incessant meowing) during our many road trips across the country. What resulted is a collection as varied and beautiful as our friendships. Some of them came with a track list, others without; one titled “The Fox and the Owl”; a few were a mystery and came in a plastic bag without the author’s name and titles like “Name That Musical” and “Happy” (we still haven’t figured out who made those ones); one was the audiobook for “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.”


Our journey, to make a very long story short, started at the end of May, when we loaded everything we could into our small Ford Fiesta and made a four day trek out to Colorado. We could have made the drive in two days, but it seemed cruel and unusual to expect our cats to hold their urine for longer than 9 hours.


We mainly stopped in small towns to keep the hotel rates low, which means we stopped in such tantalizing locations as Wytheville, VA, Evansville, IN and Salina, KS. The locations along the way were less important as we didn’t have a whole lot of freedom to explore with two cats and car full of crap. What proved more important was getting to our destination while still maintaining some shred of sanity. This proved true as well when, three weeks later, we hit the road for Phoenix. Our friends truly rose to the occasion- we had music and memories accompanying us all along the way. Here are some highlights:


Songs that made us dance

Minus the orange mocha frappuccino
Minus the orange mocha frappuccino

Jitterbug- George Michael

Busy Earnin’- Jungle

Footloose- Kenny Loggins

Came Out of A Lady- Rubblebucket

Pretty much anything by Michael Jackson

Ghostbusters Theme Song

Electric Love- Borns

No Diggity- Blackstreet

Take a Walk- Passion Pit

Happy- Pharrell Williams

Can’t Hold Us- Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Stayin’ Alive- Beegees


Songs that made us…I mean me…cry

That's right, #uglycrying
That’s right, #uglycrying

Sister Winter- Sufjan Stevens

God Only Knows- Beach Boys

Eyze Sheleg! (What Snow)- performed by The Women’s Voices Chorus

Carolina In My Mind- James Taylor

Because I Knew You- Wicked Soundtrack

Sisters- performed by The Women’s Voices Chorus

How Far We’ve Come- Dawes

Fire and Rain- James Taylor

Lay It All Down On Me- Barefoot Movement

Stubborn Love- Lumineers

Juliette saved the day

While listening to The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, we noticed something odd. For those of you who have not read the book, it is written in letter format, with each character writing letters to other characters so the story unfolds from many different viewpoints. Read aloud, with a different voice depicting each person, it paints a very vivid picture. We listened to the book on our trip to Phoenix and started to notice that whenever the main character, Juliette, spoke (Susan Duerden is the name of the actual reader), Tobi stopped meowing. This was a HUGE blessing, seeing as she had a considerable amount of speaking time. Something about the lilt of her lovely, British voice must have put Tobi at ease. We weren’t about the question the oddity of it all- not if it gave us reprieve from his relentless vocalization of displeasure.

Ohhh I get it, your unhappy??
Ohhh I get it, you’re unhappy

Through our first trek to my first assignment, we were left with such mixed emotions. We know so many amazing people in North Carolina and our sadness at leaving them was only matched by our gratefulness for their support. That is one of many reasons we are so thrilled to see them again! As the Avett Brothers put it so aptly…”Carolina, one day I’ll, Someday I’ll come home…” (and for the record, what they say about Salina in that song is completely true).