Happy Nurse’s Week

I’ve always felt a little weird about nurses getting an entire week of recognition. In many ways, nurses are overworked, and often unappreciated, but so are a lot of professionals in this country. I mean, I feel the same way about the hospital housekeeping staff and they don’t get a week of appreciation.

But there is a lot of pride in the nursing profession, and also a lot of humor. I love every minute of my job for a lot of emotional reasons, and some logical. I have found that nursing is best expressed in the multitude of hilarious memes that pepper the interwebs. So, in honor of nurses week, I’m foregoing all the feels and opting for the giggles. Here’s to all my nursing peeps, and those who know and love nursing peeps.

Sometimes our family is so happy to see us when we get home…

All we can think about is the variety of patient’s bodily fluids with which we are covered….


And pooped all over their central line...at change of shift...
And pooped all over their central line…at change of shift…


Healthcare brings out some interesting personalities- from parents and family members to surgeons and residents, you can count on having some choice encounters.

Perverted ptWTFFamily DramaExpert

Of course the patients themselves can make or break your shift

Call bell

Documentation, coming to work during a blizzard, malfunctioning machines- it’s what we signed up for…

snow dayExtra shiftPump beepingDocumenting

And without a doubt, our family and friends can have a tough time shocking or impressing us…

image (2)

Gross story
Everyone has their thing…mine is broken bones and fingernails.

Happy Mother's Day!

In the end, we all know that the little things make this job worth it…

penNurse coworkersNext-Shift-Coming-InNurses Week

Happy Nurses Week!!!

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